Taking Clinical Skills Education to the Next Level
The Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre is proud to present a series of clinical skills e-learning modules. ‘Tomorrow’s Clinicians’ has been produced in response to the 2009 General Medical Council document, ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’.
  • An innovative e-learning resource enhancing the learning of clinical skills
  • Consolidates the knowledge of common procedures in a healthcare environment
  • Aimed at multiprofessional staff groups, such as medical students, nurses and junior doctors
  • A visual insight into correctly and safely undertaking procedures in line with local medical guidance
With a comprehensive catalogue of 35 e-learning modules, each episode presents users with a video. Engaging visuals convey a particular clinical skills procedure. Recaps outline key processes and high definition motion graphics enhance understanding. A multiple choice quiz then consolidates learning objectives.

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About RGUC
The Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre (RGUC) is a clinical teaching academy based at the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, in the West Midlands UK. Tomorrow's Clinicians has been produced entirely in-house by the RGUC Media Team, who strive to produce high quality engaging and informative medical education content.

Speech marks to the left As chair of the Society for Cardiological Science and Technology (SCST) Council and their Education Committee, I am keen to promote quality and good practice in the delivery of cardiac diagnostics. To date the only such visual teaching aid which I feel I can commend is the ‘Recording a 12 Lead ECG’ video from the Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre. This is a very well constructed and accurate instructional video which actually does meet the SCST standard for the performance of ECG.Speech marks to the right

Su Baxter, Head of Cardiology (Good Hope Hospital), Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, December 2014

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