About our Resources

The Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre (RGUC) is a clinical teaching academy based at the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

.The medical learning content produced by RGUC is overseen by qualified medical professionals, and undergoes stringent review by consultants and healthcare professionals from a range of medical specialties and disciplines.

As part of our iClinical® platform, Tomorrow’s Clinicians is produced entirely in-house by the RGUC Digital Media Team, and is designed to provide a detailed visual overview of more than 30 clinical skills procedures. You can find out more about RGUC by visiting www.rguc.co.uk

Free Access to our App

The Tomorrow’s Clinicians app is currently being made freely available on both Apple and Android platforms. 
The price for Apple users on the App Store listing and Android users on the Play Store is free

Episode Updates

Episode Update  |  3rd November 2020
Two newly updated episodes to the mobile app include ‘male urinary catheterisation’ and ‘female urinary catheterisation’.

Episode Update  |  4th September 2020
A brand new and updated episode covering ‘nasal and skin swabs for MRSA screening’ is now available on the mobile app.

Episode Update  |  8th June 2020

We’ve just added several new episodes to the mobile app. This includes ‘preparing medications‘, ‘nebuliser therapy‘, ‘oxygen saturations‘, ‘urinalysis‘, ‘oxygen therapy‘ and ‘peak expiratory flow rate‘. 
Episode Update | 12th May 2020
Blood cultures’ episode added. This revamped episode addresses the latest safety and technical guidance for this procedure.

Episode update | 14th April 2020

Blood transfusion’ episode added. Features up-to-date guidance on how to safely undertake this procedure. No app update is required; simply load the app and navigate to the Blood Transfusion video.
More updates coming soon

What's New

Tomorrow’s Clinicians was originally released in 2012. In response to changes and updates in technique, process and general guidance, the entire series is currently undergoing a review across all video episodes. The design and overall feel of the videos is also being refreshed.

New video episodes will be automatically included within app updates as part of a phased roll out. You can stay up to date with new and forthcoming developments across all our learning resources by following iClinical® on social media.


What does the Tomorrow’s Clinicians app offer?


Consolidate your knowledge of common clinical skills procedures performed in a healthcare environment. The app provides visual insight into correctly and safely undertaking procedures in line with local medical guidance.


Multiprofessional staff groups, such as medical students, nurses and junior doctors will benefit from the app. It can also help medical staff work towards mandatory training objectives.


Each episode presents a clinical skills procedure, with clear, instructive visuals conveying the technique involved. Recaps outline key processes and motion graphics enhance understanding. Multiple-choice questions help to consolidate learning objectives.

What clinical skills episodes are included?


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